TrainHy-Prof Workpackage 3

Person Month Distribution of Staff Effort per Workpackage
Work Package Title:  Teaching Material Development
Start date:  M4
Activity type:  SUPP
Work Package Leader:  HELIO
Participant no:  1 2 3 4
Person Month:  1.5 1 1 3.5


  To develop lecture material including extensive handouts.
  To develop concepts for experimental materials for training systems.

Description of work

WT 3.1: Development of Lecture Content (HELIO, JUELICH, RISOEDTU, ULSTER)

Development of content for the purpose of producing lecture material and experimental material for use in the courses.

The content will be developed according to the level of detail produced in WP 2 (i.e. appropriate for establishing the concept of the course).

The content will be focused on the target group considering the advanced technical knowledge.

WT 3.2: Written Lecture Material (HELIO, JUELICH, RISOEDTU)

Development of material for use in lecture courses.

The main body will be developed according to the level of detail produced in WP 2 (i.e. appropriate for establishing the concept of the course).

Single elements, in accordance with WP 2, will be further elaborated as input to the implementation of test course elements in WP 4 and for use in these activities.

The lecture material will be separated in two parts: a set of prepared presentations and corresponding handouts with extra background information.

The presentation will be completely prepared with schedule and talking guideline for the lecturer. This allows an easy handover to other potential users and thus simplifies the spread of the developed material.

The handouts will allow the course participant both to follow the lecture and to get background information for further work with the materials.

At adequate points the lecture material will refer to practical experiments to implement the theoretical learned knowledge.

This task heavily builds on the experience HELIO has gathered over many years of preparing and publishing tuition materials.

WT 3.3: Materials for Experimental Work (HELIO, JUELICH, RISOEDTU)

Up to now, summer schools and courses have often been devoid of the possibility to use experimental devices, due to the limited availability of specifically equipped laboratory space in combination with lecture rooms etc. The WBZU (cf. Section 1.1) is one example, though limited in capacity and scope.

Therefore this task will look at the development of experimental materials for suitable training systems that can be transported to lecture facilities, independent of a laboratory environment. This comprises training systems and experimental facilities that are sufficiently complex to offer educational value, but at the same time are suitably contained so that they can be transported without danger of damage. HELIO has extensive experience in preparing school and university type experimental units ranging from table top models to complex systems offering insight into real fuel cell functions. These models will be extended to different application related units which allows a realistic training for work-experienced and advanced learners.

The materials for experimental work will contain a training target which describes the scope of the experiment. Further on a detailed description of experimental set-up and procedure will be included. Finally the material offers exemplar answers for different questions and tasks: measured data, tables, curves etc.

There will be two versions of the experimental material a complete version for the trainer and a work sheet version for the learner. The experiments will be operated on transportable training systems matching the needs of post-graduated target group. The training systems allow an realistic and practical training in functions and system design of a fuel cell system ranging from integrated hydrogen supply to load. Thus the learner will be enabled to link the theoretical learned knowledge to practical problems and answers. Hardware will be produced as suitable for the performance of the test courses run in WP 4.

Milestones and expected results

Work package(s)
Means of
MS8 Hand-over of draft D3.1 + D3.2 to WP4 WP3, WP4 M12  
*In most cases the milestone verifies itself, by a statement 'documents available/received', meeting held, decisions taken etc. Only in the cases where this is not so, a specific action is given.


Work package
D3.1 Presentation Materials (electronic and printed versions) WP3 O PU* M12
D3.2 Handouts (learning material; printed version) WP3 O PU* M14
D3.3 Concept for Experimental Materials for Trainers (electronic and printed versions) WP3 R PU* M10
D3.4 Concept for Experimental Materials for Learners (electronic and printed versions) WP3 R PU* M10
CO = Consortium
RE = Consortium + Assoc. Groups + FCH JU + EU
PU = General public release
*Due to IPR protection constraints the materials themselves will only be available on a cost basis and be copyrighted by the Consortium.

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