Biennial Report on Hydrogen Safety


  • Identify and report, in relations with other work package on gaps in the existing knowledge in hydrogen safety, methodology, and regulations
  • Report on progress and perspectives pursued within the network
  • Help to structure the joint research programme

Description of work

Work will consist in bringing together information on knowledge, gaps and progress in a publishable report.

Following the first 18 months period, this report will be published on a biennial basis on Hysafe website.  This report is to be one of the main media to inform stakeholders on hydrogen safety as well as on Hysafe activity.

Sources of information will be the scientific literature, previous EC-hydrogen-related projects (EIHP, EIHP2) as well as the data of partners, who are willing to share their data within the network.

Review of activity and identification of knowledge, gaps and progress is to be carried out by participants of this WP. Reporting activity meetings will take place in conjunction with general meetings.

Sub-task 1.1. Review of scientific, market/social needs.
Review of suggestions by Leaders of activities in a review meeting to establish a structure for the report.
Lead INERIS. Partners: BMW, FZK, CEA, DNV, FZJ, GexCon, HSE/HSL, NCSRD, UPM, UU, JRC, Fh-ICT, Volvo

Sub-task 1.2. Review of current knowledge and gaps in methodologies for hydrogen release mixing and distribution

Sub-task 1.3. Review of current knowledge and gaps in methodologies for hydrogen ignition and jet fires
Lead: HSE/HSL. Partners: BRE, INERIS, IST

Sub-task 1.4. Review of current knowledge and gaps in methodologies for explosion hazard evaluation
Lead: FZK. Partners: Fh-ICT, GexCon, HSE/HSL, IST, NH, TNO, UC, UNIPI, UU, WUT, INERIS

Sub-task 1.5. Review of mitigation techniques
Lead: GexCon. Partners: CEA, DNV, FZJ, FZK, HSE/HSL, Fh-ICT, INERIS, NH, TNO, UPM, UU

Sub-task 1.6. Review of current status and problems in risk assessment methodologies
Lead: DNV. Partners: JRC, Risø, NH, CEA

Sub-task 1.7. Consolidation of the input from Sub-tasks 1.2 to 1.6 and inputs from other work packages. Edition of the first report on hydrogen safety.
Lead: INERIS. Partners: sub-task leaders and WP leaders.