Integration of Experimental Facilities (IEF)



The main objective of this activity is to support the European integration process in the framework of HySafe with regard to the experimental research. IEF offers basic support for jointly performed experimental work within the network. As such, IEF is a long lasting effort for reaching sustainable integration of the partners' research capabilities. Important steps towards this ultimate goal are
  • Identify the best expertise of the partners and enable the advancement of excellence
  • Prepare the progression into a set of complementary specialised research facilities
  • Enable and support the network to commonly design and perform experiments

Description of work

Sub-task 2.1. Development of unified format for descriptions of experimental facilities

The description format will take into account information on particular features and measure capabilities in order to identify specific expertise. Aspects concerning the possibility of integration effects will be addressed.

Sub-task 2.2. Compilation of experimental facilities

Compiled descriptions will be prepared for publication on the HySafe website. The compilation will as well serve as input for Mapping Priorities and Assessment (Sub-task "Review proposals for test").

Sub-task 2.3. Website presentation

The descriptions of the experimental facilities will be presented on the HySafe webpage.

Sub-task 2.4. Compilation of instrumentation

Especially in order to prepare jointly performed experiments including facilities and instrumentation of different partners a compilation of instrumentation will be provided.

Sub-task 2.5. Facilites classification

The classification of the experimental facilities will be provided in order to develop a clear profile of the HySafe research expertise. The best expertise of the partners will be identified and ideas of advancement of excellence will be developed.

Sub-task 2.6. Quality assurance

In order to achieve a common level of quality of the experimental results a common standard for performing measurements will be established. As a first step, workshops on experiments and instrumentation will be organised. The workshops will be thematically focused on specific tasks connected with results from the PIRT exercise and other relevant inputs from HySafe WPs.