Single MS Word File

Language: English (British)

Page Format: DIN A4 with empty space top, bottom and left 2.5cm, right 2cm

First page: with a short "Summary" (vertically centered) following a few ?Keywords? (close to the bottom)

Second page: with the title (centered with the abbreviation, e.g. "D02 ? Report on data?", following "Content" with all headers and following page numbers separated by ??..?


Header "HySafe - Safety of Hydrogen as an Energy Carrier" (italic)

Footer "Short title  -   present page/total pages  -  D02JRCV4" (the latter part D02= Deliverable 2, than the single partner abbreviation, here JRC, than version, here 4. For multi-partner document without single partner abbreviation, Version 2 and the final version without the last to letters)



  • "Body-Text" Times New Roman 12pt, single line spacing
  • "1. Header" Times New Roman 14pt bold
  • "2. Header" Times New Roman 12pt bold, underlined
  • "3. Header" Times New Roman 12pt bold, italic

Header enumeration: like "1." "1.1." "1.1.1." etc.

Lists: with filled circles


Tables subtitled with "Table x:" x= consecutive enumeration

Figures subtitled with "Figure y:" y= consecutive enumeration

Pictures integrated in the document as JPG. For easy and less cost intensive hardware copies please do not use colored pictures or take care that no loss of information occurs in case of concerting to gray scaled pictures, diagrams respectively (for instance no red and blue solid line with same thickness in one diagram)