File formats for SBEP-V3

Uploading files

Files should be uploaded as usual documents to document upload area. When uploading please mark files with keyword SBEP-V3. To keep files from uploading by other partners before 30.11.2005 specify admin as access group for these files.

File naming

To be clearly identified files should fit some naming convension. Name of file should look like: V3n_ORG_a.ext. Where n is number of required file from table below. ORG is acronym of participant. Some suffix (_a) can be added at the end of filename to distinguish different variants of calculations.

All or some group of files can be packed into one ZIP archive. In that case name for archive should look like: Files in archive should follow the same naming convensions.

descriptionexample of filename

A document containing a description of the applied modelling methodology such as model specifications, initial and boundary conditions, numerical specifications, code used, grid specifications, computer equipment used, CPU time, ...

The document should also contain a figure of predicted concentration contours plot on the plane y=0 at time 240 seconds.


A file with 5 columns. The first row should contain headings indicated below:

  1. Time (s)
  2. Total H2 mass (g)
  3. Flammable mass (g)
  4. Flammable volume (m3)
  5. H2 mass flow rate

A file with 17 columns

  • Time
  • H2 concentration (vol %) at sensor 1
  • ...
  • H2 concentration (vol %) at sensor 16
Video showing the evolution of concentration field on the plane y=0 V34_FZK.avi