Hydrogen Incident and Accident Database


To reach an agreed specification and definition of the HySafe - Hydrogen Incident and Accident Database content and structure.

Description of work

Subtask 5.1.

Develop a common methodology and format for data collection. Discuss and obtain consensus on data confidentiality aspects, i.e. decide on the extent of anonymisation of information in the database. Define the structure of the database. Define inclusion criteria, i.e. what type of events should be recorded in the database.

Subtask 5.2.

Obtain background information by performing screening of relevant existing databases (of the partners or databases accessible by partners) and reporting regimes. Clarify whether the database should include population/exposure data. Decide on database operation, maintenance and availability.

Partners DNV and JRC will lead this activity for the first 18 months.
DNV will work jointly with JRC on all activities to fully utilise all experiences from design, operation and use of databases, while the industrial partners Air Liquide, NH, HSE/HSL, INERIS and VOLVO will contribute with views and input regarding industry needs. TNO will contribute.

Partners DNV and JRC will initiate work on identification and screening of existing data sources.