The membership in the International Association HySafe is regulated in the following Articles of the Association Statutes:


Article 5 – Membership

(1) Membership is open to any entity or organisation or natural person actively involved or interested in hydrogen safety:

(2) The Association has Full Members, Associated Members and Honorary Members (hereafter jointly referred to as “Members”).

Each Full Member shall pay a full membership fee and is entitled to participate in all decision processes of the Association with voting rights.

Associated Members shall pay a reduced membership fee. They may participate in the General Assembly and other activities of the Association with a right to speak, but shall have no right to vote.

Natural persons cannot become Full Members. Honorary members shall be natural persons and shall be proposed by the Executive Board and appointed by the General Assembly without voting rights. They may however participate in the General Assembly with the right to speak.

(3) Association´s Members shall comply with the Association´s statutes in their last amended version as well as to all other possible internal regulations issued or approved by the Association in relation to the Association.


Article 6 – Admittance of new Members

(1) An application for membership shall be sent in writing to the Executive Board at the address of the Association and shall include

          a declaration related to the desired type of Membership (Full or Associated Member), and

          the point of contact for the applicant towards the Association, and

          an agreement of the applicant to comply with these Statutes, and

          member organisations without legal personality shall also name one or maximal two natural persons acting as representatives for them towards the Association.

(2) After an assessment regarding fulfilment of the criteria for membership, the Executive Board shall submit the application together with its assessment to the full members for decision. In case of objection by one or more full members the decision shall be brought to the General Assembly. The General Assembly shall decide on the application at its next meeting.

(3) The President or Vice-President shall notify the applicant in writing of the decision. No appeal can be made against the decision of the General Assembly.

(4) The membership shall start upon payment of the membership fee and the full acceptance of the Statutes, Internal Rules and Code of Conduct of the Association.



The yearly membership fees are given in "Membership Fees" (see also left Menu).