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Information for Keynote Speakers
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Download the Invitation for Keynote Speakers.

Download the Information on uploading of files (teaching materials and presentations).

Keynote Speakers receive financial support for their contribution to the Summer School (travel up to 600; up to ten days subsistence of up to 140 per day; up to 1000 for development of teaching materials for a double lecture (two 45 minutes slots) - 500 for mandatory first 50 full pages of teaching materials, including Nomenclature, Figures, Tables and References, and pro rata 10 per page above it). It is expected that teaching materials comply with the content of the draft for development of the International Curriculum on Hydrogen Safety Engineering without duplication of materials of the First and Second European Summer School on Hydrogen Safety (please see the presentations of the Keynote Speakers at the First ESSHS and Second ESSHS)

Instructions for the preparation of teaching materials are available in .doc format, or in .pdf format and a template may be downloaded here.

Click here to upload your teaching materials and presentations.

Important deadlines:
  Final submission of teaching materials is strictly before the 23rd of June 2008
  Final submission of Powerpoint Presentations is strictly before the 23rd of June 2008