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Internet/email access for delegates
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Whilst you are at the University of Ulster, attending the ESSHS, you can access your emails and use the internet by being registered and obtaining a Visitor Code. You have the choice of using your own computer/laptop either wirelessly within the main university complex (but generally not in the lecture theatres!) or by direct connection to the RJ45/CAT 5+ outlet installed in all of the new accommodation rooms (you need to bring your own networtk/CAT 5+/LAN cable for this) or by using one of the UU’s computers in one of the many computer clusters around the University, many of which are open 24/7. So no excuse for not keeping in touch!

That is why I asked you to read and accept the Terms on use on the Registration Form by ticking the relevant box. You also have to complete an online feedback form for the EC.

That simple tick then allows me to collect your information and supply IT with your details and they in turn generate a Visitor Code and email that to your preferred email address.

You will receive an email from the “Helpdesk” similar to the following -

From: Date: 2008/7/11
Subject: Your VCode to access the I.T facilities at UU campuses
To: xxxxxxxxxx

-----BEGIN EMAIL MESSAGE---- Below is your VCode which allows you to access the I.T services at the University of Ulster. Please keep it securely with you at all times during your visit. Since you had made a request for wireless access on your online form, you have been granted access to the Wireless Network. When you arrive at the campus you can login to the UUWLAN network and also the student computers in the LRC/I.T Labs using your VCode as username and your password as your date of birth in the format dd-MON-yyyy [where MON is the first three letters of the month]. You can find further details about configuring a laptop for wireless access by browsing the link: http://www.ulster.ac.uk/isd/itus/laptops/configuring.htm. You will also be able to use the I.T facilities at the University of Ulster and access all student computers from the LRC/I.T Labs. The I.T facilities include access to the internet. If you have any questions regarding I.T facilities at UU, please email it to the I.T helpdesk: helpdesk@ulster.ac.uk. Your VCode is:v0000 [case-sensitive] -----END EMAIL MESSAGE----

I have arranged the access to be available from your first to last day on the campus.

The rest should be fairly easy – any problems I will try to assist

Robert P. Morley