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How to apply for the Summer School
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Important:  please read first.

Sixty applicants are selected for funding by this EC-funded project: 33 with research experience of up to 4 full time equivalent years, 25 with research experience from 4 to 10 years and 2 with experience of more than 10 years. The number of research years is counted from the date of obtaining the degree giving access to doctoral studies without having to acquire any further qualifications.
  Funded applicants are exempted from payment of the registration fee to attend the lectures and will benefit from the following: reimbursement of travel costs up to 240 (for applicants with up to 10 years of research experience) and 478 (for applicants with more than 10 years of research experience); reimbursement of living costs (accommodation, meals) up to 105 per day, a delegate pack, etc. have to complete Registration before the 30th of June 2008. Please take notice of the conditions for being a ESSHS funded delegate.
  Self-funded participants will pay a registration fee 800 to attend the lectures of Summer School (incl. delegate pack with lecture notes etc.) and have to complete Registration before the 6th of July 2008. Self-funded participants are to cover their own travel and living costs.
  Trainees of this Summer School will collect 30 CATS Points of the 180 CATS Points needed for an MSc Degree in Hydrogen Safety Engineering. See PgCert/PgDip/MSc in Hydrogen Safety Engineering for more information.

Selection criteria

  Applicants should have a first degree (enabling them to undertake doctoral studies).
  Applicants need to have real involvement with the Hydrogen Industry, research or similar, especially safety.
  Applicants who are a member of one of the EU Hydrogen projects e.g. HySafe, HYWAYS, HySAFEST, HYPER, NATURALHY, StorHy, HarmonHy, HYDROGEN, HYTRAIN, etc. are encouraged to apply.
  Applicants who are undertaking or about to undertake higher education in Hydrogen Safety (e.g. registered with the PgCert/PgDip/MSc in Hydrogen Safety Engineering) will be given preference.
  A maximum of 30% of applicants from any one country.
  Women are encouraged to apply to meet the target of 40% of total applicants.
  Preference is given to young researchers with up to 4 years research experience then preference to researchers with more than 4 but less than 10 years experience.
See page 19 of the Marie Curie Conferences & Training Courses Handbook:

'This action will primarily be directed at early stage researchers. More experienced researchers will also be able to benefit from this action where the possibilities offered in the contract are not used for early stage researchers. Researchers with more than 10 years of research experience (full-time equivalent), counting from the time the degree/diploma was obtained giving access to embark on a doctorate in the country where it was awarded, will not be eligible for support, except in the case of researchers who are nationals of Member States, or Associated States active outside these states at the time of an event: these researchers shall be eligible, so that they may establish or strengthen links with the European research community (contact building effect for the transfer of knowledge).'